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Are you a digital designer that matters?

Published on: 27 Mar 2014

If you matter, we are always on the look out for talented digital designers. We would love to hear from you. THE POSITION If you love creative freedom, working closely with passionate developers, and presenting your digital solutions to clients. You will work closely with our clients to define and evolve their creative and UX design […]


Published on: 22 Nov 2013

Have you been caught in that creative block or is a client asking for the impossible. #freethecreative;  a new campaign iStock by Getty. Free the Creative is iStock’s mission to help you do your best creative work and inspire you along the way. iStock by Getty Images makes it easier for you to find original […]

Responsive Web Design

Published on: 1 Oct 2013

Throughout our day, we are constantly interacting with different interfaces and devices. From browsing your mobile on the fly, to perusing on your ipad on the train, to viewing your desktop at work,  users are visiting websites from an increasing array of devices and browsers. With the continual growth of tablets and smartphones and constant availability to being […]

Pretty fly for a white guy

Published on: 10 Sep 2013

The team at Matter have a new addition. We welcomed Scott to the team about at month ago, Scott’s passion for illustration and flat UI have become a valuable asset to the company. A little about Scotty: So I think if people were to describe me they would say that I have a very relaxed […]

How Audrey Hepburn influences Breakfast with Audrey?

Published on: 11 Apr 2013

Where do you turn for fashion photography and style inspiration, style savvy advice from our fashion experts, news from global fashion trends and celeb style watch? Breakfast with Audrey  In the lead up to Sydney fashion week, Breakfast With Audrey, a premier womens fashion and lifestyle blog wanted to refresh their site, creating a more usable […]

Golden Mouse Award – Workmate of the Year 2013

Published on: 26 Dec 2012

2012 was a productive year, with a few new faces joining the team, new clients and exciting projects. Our team were asked to fill out a simple survey asking who they thought was the most outstanding team member, that not only never complained about their work, always went above and beyond to required task, has […]

Printing is not dead

Published on: 10 Dec 2012

Whoever said gone are the days of printing. Print still maintains its stance as a powerful and necessary component of an ad campaign. Let’s take a closer look at print media and some advantages it has over its digital counterparts. Tangibility – A print piece is a physical thing. Magazines and newspapers can stay in houses […]

Suburban Legends

Published on: 5 Dec 2012

What’s your favourite suburb, and what does your suburb say about you? 14 Sydney based designers were asked by The Distillery @dstllry, to exhibit a letterpress piece with the focus of their suburb.  The posters were created with letterpress blocks (old school) or a letterpress plate (new), one colour at a time by The Distillery’s 1965 Heidelberg […]

New HTML5 anagram game entry

Published on: 16 Nov 2012

This anagram was created using the Matter Design anagram game on iPhone. This game uses new HTML5 technology which allows more interactive and creative website functionality. Click to play the anagram game