Everyday we inject
our creative energy into
producing work that
gets our clients excited.


Matter team


  • Come on in and collaborate with us. We love people and believe the best branding captures a moment of humanity. That means the greatest outcomes come through interaction, listening and understanding. We keep our eyes and ears open to constantly learn from each other, our clients, others in the digital space, and even just the world around us.

  • Let’s be frank, we like to keep it simple. We still like complex ideas and work, we just know that the most elegant solutions are simple with no over the top fluff. We’re a straight-talking bunch who like to focus on what’s important. We’re about real life and real people working to get real results.

  • We get excited by new things, things that push boundaries and make you think. That’s why we’re always innovating and looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve. We get a kick out of leading our clients forward with new ideas and technology.

  • Creativity is key, not just in the work we produce, but in the strategies that are behind them. We believe in design thinking, in creating a solution that functions beautifully, and looks even better. Our work is intuitive to use but a little bit outside of the box.



We care about working with people to create beautiful things that are important and that’s not limited to brands and the digital space, it’s in everyday life.

That’s why we have our Impact Arm. Here we give a hand up to not-for-profits and charities that need a little digital upgrade but otherwise can’t afford it.

If you know of or are an organisation that would like help, please get in touch.

Here are some organisations we’ve worked with:

  • Hamlin Fistula
  • Fair Trade Association
  • Moeloco
  • Heart for the Homeless
  • Parents and Learning
  • Zambias Child
  • St Thomas’ North Sydney