Cockfighter’s Ghost Wines

Create an a premium label to showcase their distinguished brand.

Cockfighter’s Ghost Wines approached us to create an a premium label to showcase their distinguished brand.
As their current brand was strong in the market place, the logo and a revised horse illustration remained two key factors to take into account when designing the label.

Cockfighter’s Ghost takes its intriguing name from the legend of the spirit of a horse, owned by one of Australia’s pioneer vignerons, that some say can still be seen galloping through the vines of our vineyard on the banks of the Wollombi Brook in the Hunter Valley. As the horse is a key element, we really want to play on this making it the hero on the label.

We approached illustrator Andy Wakeley, to create sketch of a strong stead. His illustration was a pen drawing on Moleskine paper. The artwork was imported into illustrator to create the vector illustration keeping all the original line work. The horse had such movement and strong line definition, that we wanted to create a visual line with simple typography.

The refreshed label would boost perception of the quality of the wine while maintaining it’s brand awareness to the existing customer base. The dark label printed on 100% cotton stock creates that point of difference, viewed from the front and is eye-catching on a store shelf or dinner table.

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