We’ve got you covered

Utilising creativity, insight and inventiveness, our purpose is to create effective and meaningful design that effects change in our surroundings through media we use and touch.

Technology is forever changing, which is just the way we like it. Developments in digital technology and the internet open up new possibilities for marketing and opportunities for innovative business processes.

Our experienced developers and designers are always looking to adopt the latest technologies and techniques to build beautiful and functional digital experiences. Adding real value to your brand with our understanding of established and emerging web technologies.

Website Design

Wordpress CMS and Blog

WordPress is the system used by 55% of all the worlds websites that are built on a content management platform.

Originally built as a blogging platform it is now a powerful content management system which is perfect for business websites that have page content that is permanent within the main navigation structure aswell as news or article style content.

We use WordPress as our primary platform for company websites. Our designers first custom design your user interface to create a usable and engaging experience that is in line with your brand. Next our developers make the design come to life as a working website, coded to the highest standards and developed to make your website work best for your needs.

Lemonstand and eCommerce

Lemonstand is an eCommerce platform that is both flexible and easy to use. The base system is packed full of features that makes running your eCommerce business simple and efficient, and is available at a low one off license fee.

In addition to the eCommerce functionality the platform also provides a powerful content management system and blog which means it will work for you to manage your broader content. The robust development platform allows for advanced customising the look and functionality of the website.

We actively contribute to the Lemonstand platform creating modules that provide extra functionality.

Matter Design offers design and development services for your online store, and helps you grow a successful business through marketing and conversion optimisation techniques.

Custom PHP Development

Some websites can be so involved and so particular in their process that trying to use an existing framework (like WordPress or Lemonstand) can often take longer than usual to build custom functionality into and can become quite costly. Building these types of websites as complete custom solutions from the ground up will often result in a much better outcome and be tailored to the exact needs of the websites use. These websites are generally very specific in their reason for existence and are mostly referred to as ‘web applications’. Normally these are very large projects based on functionality and their ability to handle large amounts of data.

Once we determine that your needs are best suited to a custom solution, we can then decide with you what will be included in your control of it. It is a custom solution after all so the option to be able to choose what your system gives you access to and control over is completely up to you.

PHP, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

These are the core languages we code with. To many these terms will be foreign but what it really means is that we use languages that give us the flexibility to code what your project requires, adopting the latest developments in web technology that will become the new standard as web users update to the latest browsers. For the more technically minded clients, you are probably wanting to know the specifics of our development capabilities, so this section is really for you.

Hosting Solutions

Typically we will arrange the web and email hosting for your domain name. We manage a range of servers with leading hosting providers that we use to suit your requirements.

We also offer Google Apps setup to get your emails into the Gmail cloud, giving you IMAP email access from your multiple devices.

Apps and Mobile

HTML5 Phonegap Apps

We develop HTML5 Apps developed with Phonegap technology that are available on the Apple Apps store. Apps enable you to utilise more functionality on the device such as using the camera, GPS location or push notifications.

We have developed Apps for companies wanting the prestige of their own custom phone app and to provide specific functionality that their customers can access from their phone.

Responsive Design

In today’s environment, everyone is on the move. No one has time to sit still anymore and because of this, smartphones and tablets are being used more and more. It is now more important than ever that your website look great not only on a nice big screen desktop computer but also on the smallest of smartphone screens.

There are multiple methods to go about displaying your content to your customers in an optimised way, having completely separate mobile versions of your site that you would have to maintain separately to your main website. This is not the most ideal solution and also one we do not agree with.

Making your site responsive means making your site ‘morph’ down to a thin screen using the same content that you have on your full size site. We do this using CSS which then allows you to hide or show any section of content you would like at any view. This way you only need to maintain one set of content at the same time as allowing your content to be viewed on the move or on a desktop.

Google recommends responsive design as being the best form of delivering web content to multiple devices. A responsive website means that all your traffic is viewing the same URLs which is better for SEO and your web analytics.



Marketo is a powerful marketing technology which integrates with your CRM.

Sophisticated marketing automation and lead nurturing campaigns set up with Marketo to engage your contact database and provide you with insightful feedback on their interactions with your content. By scoring leads you can distill a large number of potential customers into a focussed list of leads ready to buy from you. Triggered campaigns provide leads with the information they are looking for helping build their interest in your product or service and moving them along the sales funnel.

Matter Design is specialised in the design and coding of Marketo website integrations, landing pages and email campaigns.

Email Marketing

Communicating with your database of opted in contacts is relatively inexpensive way to market your product or service.

The process is convenient and accessible to your contacts delivering information into their inbox and provides options for them to take direct action by clicking through to your website.

Matter Design offers email marketing as an important component of a digital marketing strategy. We can help you develop your strategy and message and design and code your campaigns for maximum effectiveness. We have achieved open rates in excess of 50% and click through rates in excess of 40% on campaigns we have developed.

We work with Marketo for advanced campaigns and Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp for smaller organisations.

Social Media

Social media demands a considered, strategic approach: you know that your business needs to get involved and we can advise how to get there. We integrate your brand within the realms of social media so you have a prominence in the market.


Our implementation ensures that all your social media networks have consistent branding to assure that your visitors emerge with a streamlined view of your brand, creating a memorable visual. Let us provide you with the best way to communicate your message to your customers and develop a campaign to promote this.