We’ve got you covered

Utilising creativity, insight and inventiveness, our purpose is to create effective and meaningful design that effects change in our surroundings through media we use and touch.

First impressions count. Whether you like it or not, people will always judge what your company stands for through the visual communication you supply them. We develop visual messages to inspire your audience to accept the strength and value of your brand, keep it at their top of mind. We can reach this outcome with your involvement, this is a key driving in shaping your success.  We listen to your needs to create meaningful identities that engage and deliver and take your brand to reach it full potential. Whatever your message we have you covered.

Brand Strategy

Brands inspired what we say, what we do, what we believe and where our passion lies. We look into the bigger picture in creating your brand. Through the values, personality, positioning and message that come together, to enable your brand to live day-to-day and allow people to come in contact with.

We dig deep into our brand strategy work, working together, immersing ourselves into your business to better understand your culture. It comes back to developing that one idea that engages, compels and is meaningful, to gain that importance your brand has in the market. Making your brand reach it full potential.

Identity Design

From meeting with you to gain a clear understanding of who you are and what you do, to producing the your new identity in a professional and efficient manner, we understand the design process of creating a brand.

Whether you are a start up business or an existing company that needs an overhaul, we see your logo as the heart of your business and personalise the meaning and strategy behind it. Creating visual concepts based on this strategy and presenting logos designs along with colour schemes and corporate communications , we invite you into a discussion to make your brand talk with one voice and communicate the exact image it needs to portray.

Once this has been achieved, we finalise the identity with print ready artwork and outline the branding in a simple brand style guide that can be used as a reference for reproducing the identity consistently in future applications. We will issue artwork files for logos and supporting elements in EPS, JPEG and PNG file formats suitable for professional use and internal use in MS Office and similar programs.

Corporate Documents

No branding project is complete without the creation of corporate documents. Whilst a stand along logo becomes the heart of your business, the documents that hold your new brand work as main arteries, sending out corporate messages and communicating to your audience.

We understand the importance of a brand that works in all applications and stationery is an integral part of the way people perceive your identity. Starting with the most important piece of communication, the business card, we work our way through a full set of stationery, sticking to the original strategy for your brand and keeping in mind how these will be utilised on a day to day basis.

We know your time is precious. Our aim is to create documents that are easy to update and work for you. Letterhead templates in Word, Powerpoint slide layouts, styling for headlines, body copy and graphs are all part of customised packages that we offer.