Project Management

Our friendly management team are on hand to assist you gain the best outcome from working with us. They are your point of contact to advise, plan and manage our team and ensure we deliver you the goods.

Project Scoping and Costing

Clear communication of project requirements and deliverables with clear cost structures including estimates, fixed fee projects, retainers, and pre-paid packages at reduce rates.

Resource Management

We utilise best practice management techniques and systems to efficiently allocate work within our team and maintain a cost effective process.

Quality Assurance Testing

We have dedicated quality assurance staff to test new code for usability and cross-browser compliance for new projects and continuous deployment.

Issue Tracking

Our design and development team use Jira issue tracking systems to capture, allocate and resolve issues.


All work is captured in detail in our systems so we can confidently monitor and report on project progress and fees.

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